Help Translate

Want to help translate CounterPoint?

We have a crowdsourced google document varying in languages that needs translating. We are open to any language being added for support.  Check out the google doc below and do as many as you can. Once a language is complete, send us a message and we’ll import them into the app as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions regarding context of any string. We will do our best to help you out. See the helpful FAQs below before getting started.

Helpful FAQs

Can I add a new language?

Yes. Just add a new column to the second sheet named “New Languages” and label the first row with the language code. (e.g We use “fr” for all french and “fr_CA” for Canadian french).

What if someone deletes all the content?

We have a copy of the original sheet. If you’re worried, download and keep a copy of the google document and work offline. Copy and paste your work back in when done or send us an email with your content.

Awesome. But how many new languages can we add?

If there’s a language code, go for it. Seriously. No limits. We’ll add any that get translated.

What can I do to let others know I am translating this language?

Put a comment in the top of the column stating you’re working on this column/language. Add your contact info so translators may contact you. Twitter handle or email is more than fine.

What does the column “translator_text” mean?

This purpose is to give the translator more context of the whereabouts and meaning of the string within the context of the application. Feel free to add or edit any translator specific notes here to help others especially if notes are missing.

What if I notice an accepted translation is wrong or a translation someone is working on made a mistake?

Put a comment in the cell and tag the translator. The translators contact info should also be stated in the first row of the language’s column. If not, just write a comment and send us an email. If an accepted translation is wrong, then send us a message and we can help you out and update the master copy and database straight away.

Anything we shouldn’t touch?

The columns, “id”, “key”, and “en” should not be touched as well as any hidden columns.

Is there a cheat sheet for commonly translated words?

Yes, the other sheet named “Unsued phrases for reference only” in the workbook lists all previously translated words that are not in use anymore within the app. Feel free to use the keyboard shortcut CMD-F to find words and phrases that might have already been used. (e.g. The word “count” has been used many times before).

Who can I contact regarding any questions?

  • Tweet us at
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Facebook us at