Easy Traffic Count

This is the easiest count type we offer to measure 4 different categories of traffic. We picked these 4 categories which respectfully boils down the Regular Count‘s colour-coded 16 indicators into 4 groups. This count type is a top pick when counting large amount of traffic but at the same time doesn’t offer the biggest picture. Choose this count type wisely as to not mistakenly limit your data incases where your team could have used the Regular Count. The colour-coded sections are intentional and groups all cyclists, all pedestrians, all personal motor vehicles, and all oversized motor vehicles into 4 categories.

  • Cyclists – Each of the person riding on, in, or behind a bike. (A parent pulling two kids in a trailer counts as three.)
  • Pedestrians – Any person traveling under human power, besides those on or in a bike.
  • Personal Vehicles – Any car, van, truck, jeep, motorcycle, scooter, etc…
  • Oversized Vehicles – Any semi-truck, large delivery truck, bus, etc… Basically the biggest stuff.

Count options screen highlighting the chosen Easy count type.

The Easy count screen showing all 16 Regular Count types condensed into 4 categories: Cyclists, Pedestrians, Personal Vehicles and Oversized Vehicles.

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