Regular Traffic Count

This is the hardest & most fun count type we offer for you to measure 16 different forms of traffic. We picked these 16 indicators because all forms of traffic can be boiled down into one of these types. The colour-coded buttons is intentional and groups 5 types of cyclists, 7 types of pedestrians, 2 types of personal motor vehicles, and 2 types of oversized motor vehicles. This colour coded scheme directly relates to the colours shown in the Easy Count type.

  • Adult Passenger – An adult being doubled on a bike
  • Child Passenger –  A baby or child on the back of bike or in a bike trailer or cargo bike.
  • Child on Bike –  A child (approx.under 12) riding a bike.
  • Adult on Bike – An adult or teenager riding a bike.
  • Oversized Bike – A person riding a cargo bike or pulling a trailer.
  • Baby in Stroller – A baby or child being carried, stroller, cradle, papoose, sled, etc…
  • Child Walking – A child (approx.under 12) walking.
  • Adult Walking – An adult or teenager walking.
  • Visually Impaired – A person with difficulty seeing (sometimes with cane or guide dog).
  • Physically Impaired – A person with difficulty walking (look for walker, cane, lowspeed).
  • Wheelchair – A person in a manual or motorized wheelchair.
  • Skateboards+ – Small wheels – skateboarding, roller blades; also skating or skiing.
  • Car/Truck/Van – A sedan, pickup truck, minivan, SUV, etc…
  • Motorcycles+ – A motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, dune buggy, snowmobile etc…
  • Bus – Buses. Transit buses, schoolbuses. “Buses” sure is a weird word.
  • Semi/Box Truck – A big delivery truck, semi-trailer, dump truck, etc.. 

Count options screen

The regular count screen displaying all 16 count types!

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